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Typical sicilian food

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A bundle of health

The best selection of typical Sicilian nuts already shelled and ready to use. A concentrate of energy, health and genuineness directly on your table. Discover our sicilian nuts at unbeatable prices.


A triumph of flavor, genuineness and tradition

Mashed green olives, baked black olives called "pungiute" (stung) and green olives with carrots and celery called "a 'stimpirata": the olive in its best declension, full-bodied, tasty and above all simple and genuine because without any chemical preservative.


All the goodness and energy of the sun

A careful selection of concentrated tomatoes and dried tomatoes in simple, oiled and pate versions. Many variations of a good and genuine product produced with local tomatoes naturally dried in the sun and without chemical preservatives.


When tradition meets taste

Best selection of typical Sicilian cheeses directly on your table: from the famous "cosacavaddu" ragusano to aged pecorino cheese , through tumini and primosale of raw cow's milk obtained from farms with free grazing animals


The taste of authentic wheat

Rediscover the authentic taste of wheat made as tradition, the flour produced by processing the whole grain and complete with wheat germ that make this food richer and more nutritious than the products of industrial processing.


The true aroma of Sicily

What would Sicilian cuisine be without oregano, capers, cucunci or wild fennel? It is indeed the presence and above all the quality of some spices that deeply characterize the taste and personality of this irresistible cuisine.


A chocolate for great experts

A unique chocolate of its kind characterized by a raw and granular dough from which grains of sugar and various essences emerge creating an inviting and very seductive aftertaste.


Only goodness and tradition

The best selection of typical Sicilian pastas and desserts respecting tradition and with an eye to genuineness and above all to taste . Almond biscuits , mostaccioli , razor clams etc. are only some examples of a renowned pastry shop all over the world.


The exhilaration of goodness

The best liqueurs and spirits from Sicilian tradition where taste, passion and refinement of raw materials are a categorical imperative for every single product.


Wine in its best expression

A careful selection of white and red wines to rediscover the taste and harmony of the wine made with the best local grapes, coming from selected cellars that put in their production above all wisdom and passion.


The flavors and colors of genuineness

The pride of our gastronomic proposal are definitely the citrus fruits and the Pachino tomato: fresh products collected one day before shipping to offer not only the maximum nourishment but also a shelf life of at least 30 days from the harvest.

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